The statement: “You may forget your deeds, but your people will not forget you”, is a known occurrence that happens or can happen to anybody in life.
To me, I feel that there is nothing you do in this world or in this life that doesn’t have it’s result whether good or bad. You may not experience the outcome of your actions now, but it is a matter of time , for someday and some how it will come to play back like a CD and a flash back.

You are a good man who gave generously to people, you impacted into the lives of people , you removed tears from the eyes of people , listen to me, it will all be rewarded someday , some how.

Or is your case otherwise, you are wicked or heartless, you don’t show any sign of remorse when you do wrong to people around you, you delight in destroying people’s lives , be careful.
The Bible says ” I present before you life and Death, but ye choose life”.

I remembered the story of the first notorious kidnapper in Nigeria called OYENUSI.
Oyenusi was a celebrated notorious kidnapper who specializes in killing lots of people, but Mr Oyenusi, never remembered the adage that says: “He who kills with the bullet, will die by the bullet”.

You may forget your deeds, but people who it affected whether positively or negatively, will never forget you. But do you know what, whatever you do today, always remember that it will come back to play in another situation whether good or bad.

In summary, Watch your behaviour and character , for it determines your destiny.