The wife of a Port Harcourt branch manager of a new generation bank has claimed her husband was bewitched by his mistress who he has married secretly.

Earlier this year, a video went viral, showing a wife disrupting her husband’s secret wedding.

Wife of bank manager in secret wedding saga says her husband was bewitched by his mistress

Blessing Oko Ikpor, a mother of four, has now told newsmen in Port Harcourt that her husband, Anthony Oko Ikpor, is under a spell cast on him by the mistress.

She alleged the mistress deceived him to abandon their 17- year- marriage without any known issues between them.

Wife of bank manager in secret wedding saga says her husband was bewitched by his mistress

Blessing Oko Ikpor and Anthony Oko Ikpor at their wedding

She said the mistress in question is pregnant for her husband.

Narrating how the affair between her husband and the mistress started, she said told The Nation: “It all started when the woman came to do one year Industrial Training (IT) with the branch of the bank the husband heads.

“Friends and relatives of the family used to inform me of the closeness of the woman to my husband and their movements in hotels and other places but because of the level of trust I had in the husband, more so a serious Christian, who preaches on the pulpit, I refused to either believe them or confront him with any of those.

“One day I overheard my husband calling one of my uncles that works with NYSC here in Port Harcourt to plead on the girl to be posted to Rivers state for her youth service and my uncle asked him what his interest was in the girl that he made such request. I realised that it was not actually what I think.

“One day my daughter felt sick I took her to hospital and before we came back my husband had changed all our house keys and locked up my three other children in a room upstairs.

“He left to God knows where, switching off his phones. Efforts by our Pastor to intervene in the matter failed because he could not be reached.

“I thought of breaking the keys because my children were crying upstairs and all that but Pastor called me to say I should not break the doors and I stopped.

“I cannot pinpoint what actually the problems were. Before this time we were living happily. I supported him in thick and thin.

“There were no problems and with God on our side and prayers, he rose to where he is now and now this. I know that my husband is under a spell of the woman and unfortunately her parents are supporting her in this.”

But the husband said he has been separated from the estranged wife for over two years.

He said the estranged wife has their only daughter while the three boys are with him.

He added that he doesn’t want to say much because there are kids involved.