Junk foods are processed foods consisting of high calories , but is considered only as a broad unmbrella.

From what has been seen, these type of foods when prepared , looks very good and appealing for enjoyment .

According to experts in food nutrition, commercial products like salted snack foods, gum, candy , sugary deserts , carbonated beverages that have little nutritional value are known as junk foods.

Now, a question of thought now comes to an individual’s mind saying” Should individuals at all Levels stop the consumption of junk foods? not really, but it is advisable not to take too much of it, due to the fact that frequent consumption of such foods increases the high intake of excess fats in the body, simple carbohydrates and too much sugar which develops into high risk of obesity and cardiovascular diseases among others are problems it may lead to.

Now to the topic of this content which is: Why people Eat Junk Foods And Its Effect. There are two basic reasons why people eat junk foods, which are:

Firstly, for convenience in consumption. So many people especially the youths fall into this category and these is because junk foods are naturally easy to purchase. This ease is a major draw for many, most especially people who work for Long hours and do need something to quickly consume.

Another basic reason is that of Affordability of junk food. It is a natural fact that as people do not like to go for expensive product in the supermarket , also people like to buy products at a cheaper price basically because they are able to afford such products .

When junk foods becomes so accessible , affordable and convenient, it most times allows the individual to forgo the nutritious food. To crown it all, people Love to eat junk foods based on the fact that it gives out a good taste in the mouth , and obviously tempts the individual to always request for more.

By Joshua Olagundoye