Fashion can simply be said to be an aesthetic expression of someone’s lifestyle, which includes, the footwear, hairstyle , apparel, or make-up ( for the women). Moreover, Fashion is the entirety of a person.
Fashion talks about your physical appearance, and the type of outfit that you put on on daily basis.
Your style of fashion actually tells people around you the type of person or personality you are.
There is actually something I believe in , which is, when you see something good, appreciate it. It makes you comfortable.

In the olden days, there was fashion ,which talks about our appearance, way of dressing and all.
If you go to a primary or secondary school , and ask the pupil or student why we put on a dress, they will tell you that we wear our dress in order to cover our nakedness.That is all.

With these we can come out to boldly say that clothes are our pride because they give us comfortability and freedom.
In this 21st century, fashion has developed more as new styles of clothes are been made and designed to catch buyers attention.
Fashion in this case deals our appearance and how we can match two colours of a material that makes us presentable . For example fashion tells us that navy blue and Champaign Gold can go together because they are not too dull and too sharp colours. And also at the same time fashion also tells us that the combination of red, green and yellow doesn’t present us very well in appearance especially if it’s a uniform .

It makes us to blend colours more appropriately.


1 Finding Your Colours: As earlier mentioned, colours are very important when it comes to fashion. You need to know the type of colours that fits your complexion or else you will just choose any colour of cloth you want.

2 Consider Your Shape: It sometimes amazes me when I see ladies or women who put on clothes that are too tight especially people that are very big in stature. Some complain that the cloth is too tight for them.
On the other hand, there are still women who like such outfits like that , as far as they are very comfortable with it.

3 Consider The Occasion You Are Attending: Dress appropriately depending on the occasion that you are going to. Weddings, corporate events and other such formal occasions have specific dress codes to follow.

By Joshua Olagundoye