A horrific video shows a woman begging as she was subjected to extreme torture by a group of men.
According to reports, the incident happened in Sabha Libya, it was gathered that the men beating the lady are working for an alleged human trafficker nicknamed Mr Schoolboy who operate a prostitution house in Libya. See his photo below

The woman was stripped naked, held down by at least four grown men and flogged mercilessly while she pleaded.
“Daddy please… brother please… mummy…” The woman is heard begging in Igbo as the men held her down and flogged her.
One of the men gagged her with a cloth when her screaming got too loud.
Woman stripped naked by group of men, flogged mercilessly, gagged, and filmed  (video)
She was warned that the flogging will start from the beginning if she doesn’t stop screaming.
She tried to turn from the cane but the men were too strong for her.
“Pour water on her,” a male voice is heard saying and someone pours water on her then continues flogging her naked wet body.
At some point, she’s seen looking too weak to struggle.
Her skin had already turned purple with cane marks all over her butt and back. Blood can also be seen running down her face.
A voice then orders that water be poured all over her body and someone pours more water on her.
The men leave her at this moment and she turns around and tries to curl up on the floor with her legs closed.
But she was ordered to open her thighs so they can see the lady parts she’s using to misbehave.
She hesitated and they warned her that the beating will start again. So, she opens her legs and they begin flogging her on her private part.
The horrific video is going viral online as people ask for help in finding the men who subjected the woman to such torture.
Though she referred to the men as “daddy” and “brother”, reports claim the men are not her family members and she was using the term “daddy” and “brother” to appeal to their conscience.

Click here to watch the horrific video


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