The Boob Movement Founder, Abbey Zeus, has revealed that she has now attained a certain spiritual level in her life thanks to God’s intervention during childbirth.
She said she believes God made her have a child at the “tender young age of 21” to teach her a lesson.
The new mom, who announced the birth of her child 4 days ago, said being awake while her child was delivered through cesarean section helped her return to God.
She said: “I was awake while they cut me open and took the baby out of my stomach and I believe that was God’s way of pulling me out of a certain situation that I was in in my life, to just show me what I’m capable of, to just show me that, ‘listen here, you don’t have to be doing all this to impress whoever’.”
She continued: “He didn’t put me through all this at the tender young age of 21 to punish me.”
She said what she had been putting out on social media over the years didn’t seem as “authentic” anymore and she didn’t feel like she’s reaching out to “souls”.
She said her previous social media posts were because she was in “such a bad place.”
The online model, who used to pose in the nude in the past, was fully clad in the video, complete with a scarf on her head.
The Boob Movement founder, Abbey Zeus, narrates how childbirth through CS
She said she’s sharing her experience to “inspire” others.
In the caption, she spoke about falling into depression after falling so far away from God. She added that she felt like the Prodigal Son until she returned home to God.
She went on to quote Bible verses to encourage her followers.
The Boob Movement founder, Abbey Zeus, narrates how childbirth through CS

Watch the video below;


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