Maureen Esisi has revealed that she felt suicidal when her marriage to actor Blossom Chukwujekwu ended.
Back in August 2020, Maureen said she was the last person to know when her marriage ended.
She wrote at the time: “Yes, I was the last person to know my own marriage was over… I didn’t see it coming. Like one day I woke up and Voila!!! It was over… E shock me ooo.”
In a new video shot on Easter Sunday, April 4, Maureen revealed that at the time her 4-year marriage ended, she had no money in her account, had to start all over again in a new home, and thought suicide was her only option.
She said she managed to pull through thanks to a good friend, and advised followers going through challenges to hang in there.

Listen to her speak in the video below;


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