Nollywood producer and director, Tchidi Chikere and his wife Nuella Njubigbo have released a video of them in their bed to dispel rumours their marriage has crashed.
Tchidi Chikere’s former wife, Sophia Williams who shares 3 sons with him, had mocked the couple on Instagram following rumours of a split.
Also, it was noticed that Tchidi and Nuella are not following each other on Instagram and this further fueled the speculation of a rift between the couple.
But Tchidi released a video via his Instagram account to show that all is well.
In the video, Nuella is heard telling him to stop doing a video because it feels like he’s “proving a point.”
Tchidi responds: “I’m not proving any point. It’s crazy.”
He then adds, “So, I must be following you on Instagram?”

Watch the video below;


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