A Nigerian man, Imbul Dooyum Kelvin, and his wife, Mimidoo Rufina, are demanding justice after one of their two-month-old twin daughters, Zoe, died due to alleged negligence at the Randle Mother and Child hospital in Surulere, Lagos on Friday, January 15.
In a video that was shared online, the bereaved mother, Rufina, said she brought her child to the hospital for a routine checkup. She said the doctors told her to breastfeed her baby and she did and that while she was breastfeeding, she noticed her baby wasn’t breathing. She said she raised an alarm and instead of the nurses to attend to her, they allegedly sent her away, telling her that she was making noise. She said her baby died afterward and that it was when her baby died that the nurses decided to attend to her.
The couple is demanding justice for their baby who they watched die. Watch the videos they shared from the hospital below.