Hip Hop icon, DMX’s health is reportedly deteriorating as he’s now experiencing significant organ failure with doctors saying not much can be done.
Sources with direct knowledge of his health situation told TMZ that as of Friday morning, April 8, the rapper’s “organs are failing by the minute” a sign, under the circumstances, indicating the end of life.
The publication was also told that friends and family members have been informed to fly down immediately to be with DMX and his loved ones.
This comes days after the rapper underwent a series of brain function tests with sources later revealing that results were “not good.” He hasn’t improved since he was rushed to the hospital with “little brain function.”
If a final decision is to be made for DMX to be taken off life support, it will be made by his mother, Arnett, according to TMZ.
Earlier today, his manager, Steve Rifkind was forced to debunk rumours that the rapper had passed away at the age of 50 after being taken off life support.
Everybody, please stop with the posting with these rumors. DMX is still alive. Yes, he is on life support,” a very exhausted Rifkind said to the camera.
He continued: “But, please it’s not helping anybody by seeing these false rumors. Let the family relax for a night. You will be hearing a statement from the family sometime tomorrow.”
The manager closed, “I’ve been with DMX for the past three years. So, the only thing I ask is just stop with the rumors. He is still alive and he is on life support. Thank you.”


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