Bobrisky has offered mouthwatering gifts to one of his diehard fans who tattooed his image on her back.
The lady, Anumba Gift, is apparently obsessed with the crossdresser. Three days ago, she took her love for him a notch high by having a tattoo of his image done on her back.
She posted the photo on her IG page with the caption
”For the love I have for BOB”
Reacting to the post, Bobrisky declared his undying love for her as well and offered her some gifts
”@anumbagift dis is huge to me. Now that you have showed you love me, let me now make u happy too . List of things I wanna do to appreciate dis
1) I’m following you back on Ig
2) sending you 1,000,000 cash
3) pick a date I wanna sponsor you to Dubai
4) Name any phones you want I’m getting it ASAP. I love you”

Watch a video of Anumba getting the tattoo done below;