Ability in Disability conference is aimed at showing the society the greatness that lies in persons living with disabilities, to debunk the idea that persons living with disabilities are of no use to the society. The conference is also to show parents that have children living with disabilities that these children still have future despite their disabilities, this is done with talks from living examples of young persons living with disabilities who are actually doing well despite their disabilities.
This year conference was themed NO ONE LEFT BEHIND this was so to pass the message that no one should be left behind in the society at a time like this, no matter what the excuse may be. Our speakers were pulled from various aspects of the society to pass on the message that one should be put aside in the society if we want a great and better country. This year’s edition is in two parts. The conference and the magazine launch was on the first day while on the second day it was all about having fun for everyone.
The programme was brought under the leadership of Angel Wings Global Freedom Foundation
AWGFF partnered with One Voice Initiative for Women And Children Emancipation(www.oviwce.org)

By Joshua Olagundoye