The Killings Of Nigerians In South Africa

For the past three weeks or there about, our attention has been drawn to the incessant killings of Innocent men and women who are Nigerians in South Africa due to the term called Xenophobic attack. This attack can be simply seen as the act of making life unbearable for strangers from other countries in a foreign land.

Dating back with a great historical event, Nigeria seriously contributed to the peaceful existence of South Africans during the apartheid war when the late Nelson Mandela was very young. Nigerians really played a good role in what was called care for neighboured countries.
Research shows vividly that about 118 Nigerians have been killed in the past and even in the present.

We are individuals in the society who loves to seek for more experience in advancing ourselves, due to the plans we have made as a way of seeking for greener pastures.

In Nigeria here, when a foreigner from another country comes to spend some days or a year with us, we receive such an individual with joy , with the aim of taking care of the person. But why is it that the reverse is the case when you find yourself in South Africa?

Moreover, one of the human rights of an individual in the society of Nigeria , is that there is freedom of movement which should be accorded to fellow Nigerians who travel to other strange lands.

The Senate President, Ahmed Lawan has regrettably mourned the various killings of Promising Nigerians killed in South Africa due to Xenophobic problems. Houses were burnt, shops were burnt . All these came together to make like unbearable for Nigerian citizens abroad.

The government at this point should please rise to the responsibility of addressing the unexpected killings of Nigerians in South Africa, enforce the human right law to make things better in our society.

By Joshua Olagundoye