It has been said, that all good things which we expect, comes at it’s own beautiful season.
We sometime tend to rush ourselves into accomplishing what is good by us, due to the fact that we are in a hurry to be reckoned with for that which is good.

Coming down to some youths who have now successfully completed their service year, the grumblings of ” Since I had finished my service year, I haven’t gotten any job , no place of settlement or the other”, is always a common problem being faced by this people who are being introduced to the reality of life.
Does it now mean that it’s a purnishment for them, or God is telling them to wait for the appointed time? think about it.

It’s indeed a tested time for this set of people.
Moreover , I am talking about the beautiful season God has planned for us. Remember that, in the Bible, there was a man who sat daily at the beautiful gate, begging for alms but if we look at him, his life was not beautiful. His day of miracle came when the lord of host, suddenly added glamour and beauty to his life. His predicament now became a thing of the past. The people said to him” Was this not the man who used to beg at the gate called beautiful?
You can imagine that statement , it became something that was past. I don’t know the situation that you are in now that it seems like your life is not beautiful. Hold on to God, for he is preparing a beautiful season for you and I.
Indeed the lord that we serve, makes all things beautiful in due season.

By Joshua Olagundoye