Openly gay Nigerian chef, Idowu Ayomide, has slammed actor Uche Maduawgu who in a post he shared today, said he lied about his claim of being gay. According to Uche, he did claimed to be gay so he could fight for the LGBT community in Nigeria.
Reacting via his Instagram page, Idowu said the actor should stop painting the LGBT community with his “stupidity.”
”Stop painting the LGBT community with your stupidity, if you ever want to gain recognition in life, never you try to taint, defame and stained the LGBT community with your nuisance….oh you are scared of being lynched, attacked by homophobic person in Nigeria….do you think to become a GAY is an easy task, you come out with your full chest,and still turning back…. being A Gay you have to be brave, strong and be powerful….
The love I have for LGBT people,I don’t mind risking my life for the safety of lesbians,gays,trans,and crossdresser… because I’ve made up my mind in life, nothing on Earth would ever make me to Deny my sexual orientation being GAY, I was born GAY and will die as a GAY…..
I don’t mind if I was crucified on the cross to save LGBT people in blood is meant to save…
Not everyone will love and accept you the way you are regardless of sexual orientation…if everyone loves you,try and check yourself very well….I’m a GAY Rights Activist in Nigeria ?? my work is to fight for my people,and attack those that are trying to make fool of our genes.
Mrs Red Bra if you are trying to get attention in Nigeria,or trying to seek greener pastures.
Don’t try to stain the LGBT community because
Y-. YOU”


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