Today marks 15 years since the Sosoliso Airlines flight 1145 crash-landed in Port Harcourt airport resulting in the death of 108 people on board including 60 students of Loyola Jesuit College Abuja, Pastor Bimbo Odukoya and Nollywood actress, Uchenna Nnanna’s sister, Olaedo.

Taking to Facebook on Thursday morning, Uchenna Nnanna-Maduka’s sister, Ngozi Nnanna Noel Ogamba, paid a touching tribute to their late sister. Read below:

10th December 2005-10th December 2020. 15 whole years without you OLAEDO’M:

We will never forget. The Sosoliso Plane Crash blew you and the other 108 passengers away leaving behind 2 survivors. Omagwa PH Airport witnessed a tragedy it is yet to recover from 15 whole years after.

We have missed you Edoo nwannmem. Dad and Mom have come to meet you. Mom had your name on her lips always. She never recovered from your sudden departure.

My sister and my one and only true love….everyday I think of you and wish you were here. Your love…laughter and jokes were priceless and no one have been able to give me that since you were gone. Irreplaceable is what you are. Keep resting in peace Edoo nne….may your soul….dad and mom continually rest in peace….Amen!

Yesterday 9th December I had to revisit the full report about the crash online again and this time saved it in my laptop. What lessons Nigeria have learnt from the Crash I really do not know….the full report as made available online by the Federal Ministry of Aviation stated that:

1. Only one fire fighting truck was available at the airport at the time of the crash

2. No ambulance at the airport

3. Summary of the crash remains…missed approach due to pilot error aggravated by wind shear.

4. Late Pastor Bimbo Odukoyas PA was among the 2 survivors with Kechi Okwuchi and she has remained silent 15 years after. She was conscious and the world expected her to talk but she has chosen not to till now….only God knows why and best..

I thank Mater Misericodie Catholic Church Port Harcourt our Parish for Immortalising you together with the other 9 parishioners lost in the crash…..the Loyola Jesuit angels and the Rev Fr.

Someday I may need to write about what really happened as much as I know. 15 years gone and the whole incident is still fresh in my memory. From the airport to the hospitals to the mortuaries…..haaaaa I can never forget….all the drama that played out….hmmmmm….a lot happened from 10th December to 16th of December the day you were buried that people do not know about. I will tell the story someday. Yes I will. Another book in the making.

Now more than ever I feel the urge to tell the world all that happened to you and all that I know but until then Edoo my sister keep resting in peace my Angel and greet Jesus….Mary….Dad and Mom ok…

You memory and legacies lingers

Sosoliso plane crash 15 years after: Woman pays touching tribute to her sister who died in the accident; says their mum never recovered
Sosoliso plane crash 15 years after: Woman pays touching tribute to her sister who died in the accident; says their mum never recovered