Traffic jams have become a serious menace in the country .Traffic congestion is characterised by slow speed , longer trips and increased queues. A typical example is the iwo-road traffic jam in Ibadan which occurred on Saturday April 29, 2017 at about 5pm-11pm.

    Some road users said that the causes of this problem are legion.One factor is the state of the roads . The roads are really in terrible shape.

Pedestrians also contribute to the menace in that they cross high ways with impunity even when overhead bridges are available.

      I have a number of suggestions which I implore the government to act upon .

     First, the government should empower the law enforcement agencies to maintain law and order . It should ensure that the roads are motorable and that no one violates traffic rules.

        The government should provide traffic lights more, on major roads and facilitate the movement of people in an orderly manner.

Moreover, there should be bus stops and separate lanes for cars ,motorcycles  and buses  to drive so as to reduce the number of accidents that do occur.

In a nutshell, the government should have zero tolerance for traffic violations and there should be enforcement of penalties so that there would be a better society.

By Joshua Olagundoye



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