Social media  are online information which creates user generated contents for users to communicate with their audience. It is a computer based technology that facilitates the sharing of ideas and information and the building of virtual networks and communities.

In the area of marketing , social media platforms are used in marketing one’s products from time to time to bring in more customers.

In this 21st century of ours, it has been observed that people tend to advertise their products more closely through all the various social media platforms that exist.

     This new development has been made due to the advancement in communication. Apart from marketing of products , social media has also gone a long way in building personality’s business  in the society. We see people establishing their own businesses online to make profit out of it and also to be recognized in the society.

        Now, coming to the area of blogging , blogging also is another way of communicating to the masses although depending on what the blog is all about, and with these it generates a good relationship with the audience based on the purpose of the blog as earlier mentioned. In Nigeria today, we have the like of popular blogger Linda Ikeji. This woman has gone a long way in making sure that her business speaks for her at any point in time, and this is because of the seller and customer relationship  that has been built over time.

       Also apart from that, so many people have also created their own blogs with the mindset of what it hopes to achieve in order to bring the audience closer.

Moreover, social media and marketing helps to facilitate communication with customers, thereby enabling social interactions with it’s customers on a regular basis

By Joshua Olagundoye