Gospel minister, Wale Adenuga has addressed the issue of envy while advising people on how to tackle it.
He aknowledged that envy is normal and common but pointed out that dwelling on it and displaying negative behaviour towards the one you envy is where the problem lies.
He said he sometimes wishes he wrote the hit song Way Maker and not Sinach. He added that he sometimes wishes he has more views on his Instagram Live videos just like Nathaniel Bassey has.
He said he sometimes has only 20 people when he organizes an Instagram Live session and sometimes he can’t help but wonder, “God did you really ask me to do this?”
But he said envy has to be “dealt with” and he gave pointers to achieve this.
He wrote:
How I wish I was the one who wrote ‘Way Maker’ and not Sinach
In addition, I wish I was the one who also wrote Imela and not Nathaniel Bassey. And that when I do IG LIVE, 100,000 people will show up. Imagine, many months ago, I felt led to do a 15 minute daily prayer meeting for Nigeria, and sometimes all I’d have is 20 people. You can’t help but wander, ‘God did you really ask me to do this?’
Don’t you just feel hollow when the people who have the same gifts you have, just have accolades and fame that dwarf yours?
I know that feeling and because I’m not the only sinner in town, I know you feel so too. (Wink wink)
But this envy of a thing (like we say in Nigeria) has to be dealt with, especially when we start to have beef with others. How you deal with it lets us know whether you’re natural or supernatural. If you stay envious, you’ve simply bitten and swallowed the same apple Joseph’s brothers ate and as such, you won’t be able to speak a kind word to your brothers and sisters.
To overcome bad envy, speak to God to help you. Tell him you’re envious and that it’s eating you up.
Secondly, override your natural self and become supernatural by speaking a kind word to the person whose success is making you sad.
Third, Understand your place and stay in lane. No one person is the only one God is using. All that there’s to a beautiful body isn’t seen. The kidney, liver, heart are important. Yet they are not in public glare.
Also, those of us who are older should not always demand eternal and compulsory ‘returns’ from younger people. There’s a temptation to always feel if not for us, they won’t be here. Life is about paying it forward. And young peeps, don’t partake of the trend of this age – please honour your elders.
Fourth. You’d be less envious if your approach to life is to always help others become better. I love what Max Lucado said, ‘When fishermen don’t fish, they fight’
Lastly, when you’re envious, you create more blind spots for yourself. You end up having faith in what has only been made manifest. That my friend is not faith. Faith has to do with the unseen.
That’s it. Be supernatural! Stop the envy
PS: I’ve wanted to write this for months
 Singer, Wale Adenuga shares how he tackles the feeling of envy towards more successful artists as he advices his followers to do same
 Singer, Wale Adenuga shares how he tackles the feeling of envy towards more successful artists as he advices his followers to do same