Self development can be defined as a continual or step by step process in which an individual allows his or her potentials to be worked on, thereby producing a good result after so many periods of practice.
In the society we find ourselves , people have often discovered that various opportunities comes like a wind that blows in air to any direction it comes, but after some time, it goes away.
It could also be likened to a candle that is being lighted and after a while , it is blown off.

When talking about self Development, I remember that often times there is this saying that ” Rome was not built in a day”.
Another one that looks like it is that” The journey of a thousand miles, begins with a step”.

These two sayings are very true and they are applicable for self development.
During my little experience in this life, I have come across people that tell you that , why they are whom they are today, is because every opportunity to make their lives better and be productive , they keyed into it.
When I started my industrial training at one of the media organisations in Ibadan , I discovered that I had the potential to develop myself through some things which gave me confidence to do better.

There is something that i believe about self Development, which is; individuals who are into anything be it spoken words, public presentation,public speaking, writting , entrepreneurship and so on, self Development is a factor that must be played in the lives of people like that.

Another factor, that is very important is your consistency.
I have discovered that in the society, people start up something they want to do, but due to distractions they stop whatever they are doing, thereby ending up achieving nothing.
Your consistency is what sustains you and your audience or customers when there is progress in what you are doing. With these, your audience or customers, will always pay more attention to you and believe you more.
In other words, for people to believe in you, you need to believe in yourself.

By Joshua Olagundoye