A Nigerian man, Ulukwu John Chinedu on Saturday, December 12, shared his grass to grace story to encourage a suicidal young man.

It all started after one Ifeanyi Emmanuel Agbasi took to a Facebook group to share a disturbing post about wanting to end his life.

“This might be my last post on earth. I am so much depressed. This world has really shown me pepper. I am just tired of all the ups and down. I am so much, I feel like ending the whole thing.” he wrote.

Almost all the comments under the post were positive, with well-meaning individuals encouraging the young man not to give up on life and some others even going as far as requesting to speak with him personally.

On his part, Mr Ulukwu, a father of two, shared throwback photos of himself before he became a ‘big man’ and advised the young man not to give up.

“See me before and check me today. You will see big difference. Don’t give up.” he wrote.

“Me before but now I am a big man. Why give up?” he captioned another photo.

He also shared another photo of himself posing in front of his new home and wrote:

“See me with a new home. Don’t give up”

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