Real Housewives Of Atlanta alum Claudia Jordan apologized for mistakenly tweeting that rapper DMX had died.
The 50-year-old New York rapper reportedly suffered a drug overdose that triggered a heart attack last week and is in the ICU at White Plains Hospital in New York. He is also battling COVID-19.
On Tuesday, April 6, Claudia, 47, wrote on her page: ‘Rest in Paradise DMX,’ only to later discover that the rapper is still alive. She then deleted her original tweet and then post: ‘I’m sorry.’
‘It’s possible that she thought that the media had announced that DMX passed away,’ wrote a Twitter user in the replies to her apology.
‘I did,’ confirmed Claudia who starred on just one season of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. ‘I deleted it. And apologized. I feel awful.’
She continued: ‘But they’re right. Not my place. I just want to pray for the whole family & all his supporters that are in pain.’
Real Housewives Of Atlanta star, Claudia Jordan apologizes for mistakenly tweeting that DMX had died


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