Maureen Esisi has reacted after a troll called her a ghetto girl, python and said that her ex-husband, Blossom Chukwujekwu dodged a bullet.

Taking to her page to react to the distasteful comment, Maureen wrote;

“Makes 2 goats today…Boy if I was ur Acquaintance, you will kneel and Bless God everyday of your life let alone your ACTUAL Friend.””A Wife!!!!!!!!! Brahhhhhhhhhhhhhh you would be f***ing ROYALTY !!!!! Dodged a Bullet????Quick Question; Who ACTUALLY Did????? “One day Soon all of you Twerps will Take back every disrespect this Union has Caused me – I PROMISE!

“Until Then , Enjoy the Curse your Entitled Silly Life has Brought you boo”


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