The Nigerian Labour Congress, on Wednesday January 9 , 2019, embarked on a protest to appeal to the federal Government to meet it’s demands . The members took to action in their various states like Yobe, Abuja and other states in the country, demanding for the promised new minimum wage that was announced by the Federal Government.

It should be noted that at present, many workers in the country are really groaning under the burden of non-payment of salaries by the government though the minister of labour , Dr Chris Ngige , has stated that all efforts to put a smile on the faces of workers in the country are in process.

I recall that during the last independence anniversary, president Mohammadu Buhari appealed to the members of the Nigerian Labour Congress(NLC) to stop the protest in order to have a smooth independence Day celebration.

I therefore , appeal to the government to continue to join hands with workers to make the issue of non-payment payment of salaries, a thing of the past, most especially as the 2019 election is around the corner

Written By Joshua Olagundoye

Source- Nigerian Tribune Newspaper