Today, the importance of good and quality programmes especially to various audience in the field of Mass communication  cannot be over-emphasized.

Every mass communication at different stages has defined the profession as the act of communicating a vital information effectively to a large group of audience at the same time. Having known this, the sustainance of audience strictly determines on the type of information they obtain and at the same time, the quality of information that is being received. There are many broadcast stations that have been established and known for various programmes , but to the audience, some have been selected for continuous listernership and viewership, and this is due to the fact that the organization gives out quality programme contents which meet  the needs of the audience.

       Nowadays, there are so many things happening in the country and at times the audience seem not to be aware of these occurrences. It is therefore the duty of the broadcast media to properly enlighten or disseminate information to the people , reason being that “information is power and information is life”. The broadcast media which has the news department and programmes department is the live wire of an organization which can either make or Mar a station.

        A special  thanks to some of our broadcast stations who have been performing well in giving the general public  quality programmes that meets the needs of the people in the society.

      However, broadcast stations should strive to improve on the programme contents and manner at which they disseminate these programmes in order to enhance effective communication.

Joshua Olagundoye