It is a good time for a Nigerian, Ayo Philips as he is now a US citizen.
The Nigerian man took to Twitter to share the inspiring story of how he was sent abroad by his parents who borrowed $1500 (N571,875.00) loan for his one-way ticket to America.
According to him, his parents used their property as collateral to get the loan.
20 years later, his life has changed for good as he is now a part-owner of a big business in America with an opportunity to make his parent’s sacrifice their greatest investment of all time.
Decades after he migrated to God’s own country, Mr. Ayo is now a US citizen and has a beautiful family.
Sharing photos of himself and his family outside the US immigration building, he wrote,
“At 2:23pm CT today, I became an American
20 yrs ago, my parents took out a $1500 loan guaranteed by their possessions to get me on a 1-way flight here
Today, I am part-owner of a business with an opportunity to make that their greatest investment
That’s the magic of America.”
See his tweet below,