Photo: Beauty and her maternal grandmother
A Nigerian woman has narrated how her late sister’s husband allegedly brought in another woman to live with him a month after his wife died while giving birth.
According to the story shared by one Elder Olabisi Ekwueme on Wednesday, February 24, the deceased died at Isolo General Hospital while giving birth to their second child.
A month after her death, her family found out that a young woman moved in with the widower and upon confronting him, he told them that the woman was going to be his new wife.
The woman said that her sister’s second child named Beauty is being taken care of by their mother since birth while the husband is said to have married the other woman.
Read her story below:
“Although this didn’t happen to me, but to my blood which is my sister. I can still feel the pain anytime I remember the death of my sister and what happened one month after her death.
My sister died in Isolo general hospital after CS which later got complicated but the baby is alive.
In hospital I and my family and extended family spent a lot of money in the hospital clearing a lots of bills and buried my sister same day. Because we can’t bear the pain of seeing her lying down dead.
My sister late husband didn’t pay 1kobo because we understand he’s a teacher and broke at that Time and my sister wasn’t working while alive.
We gave him pocket money the following day to take care of the first daughter which my sister have before she died.
The child that was given birth to at Isolo general hospital was given to my mum to take care of, because this my husband sister begs me that she can’t allow his sister to take care of his child, and also his mum is old.
We collected the baby from him, gave it to my mum despite what she’s facing at that time, she first refused to collect the baby but after a lot of begging she did.
I can remember I did a lot of vigil on that child with my mum and dad. For about three weeks none of my late sister husband bring common Pampers even the husband!
My mum who doesn’t work again, my dad who is a security are the one footing the bills of this child.
With all this my Dad and mum are doing is not up to 3 weeks that my sister’s neighbor call my mum that they are seeing a lady in my late sisters husband house, they believe is our family.
Meanwhile, this lady they are seeing normally follow my late husband sister come to visit the child we thought they are just colleagues. Not up to 3 weeks another lady is already sleeping on my late sisters bed!
My mum asked, he said she only comes to teach the first born lesson because the lady is also a teacher. But we said is too early for that, this lady is sleeping in your house!
We are not telling you not to have another wife, but think about these children future first, settle down first, respect your late wife first, respect the family first.
He responded In annoyance that we are not the one that will tell him how to handle his family! With all my family does for this guy. Paying for half of his rent, giving them food stuffs, buying clothes for him and many more before my sister died and after!
Come to the worst she bluntly said the lady is his wife that is going to give us wedding IV! My mum cry everyday because of this insult and she has developed sickness due to this. This guy doesn’t have single family.
We only know his brother, sister and mother which they are all the same. I have never seen such family in my life. Nobody to report to apart from those three.
Now when the child was about nine months he takes us to Human right that he wants to collect his child, the human right said he had right to collect his child as the father.
Meanwhile the first child according to her we saw iron mark on her left breast, we asked what happened to her there? She said she was playing with iron 4 years child!
We said to the human right that the husband should charge us to Court, is only court that can decide.
Since then we haven’t hear anything about the first child, he has not for once come to visit the second child.
My mum and my dad are the only one struggling to cater for this child no one else. This guy doesn’t look back, the first child that is with him, we don’t know how she’s doing with the wife and the sister of this guy.
It is a girl we are worried about her, Because this guy sister doesn’t have husband she’s staying with but she has 2 children and they are boys, this guy mum is in her 80s, the wife cannot be trusted after seeing that iron mark. We don’t Know her where about, where she’s staying presently.
We are only managing to take care of the second child who is a girl too and the burden is too much because I don’t have work now, is only my parent who are struggling to cater for her.
Also this marvel me; the second wife is about 23 years of age the guy is 37 and not that this guy has money! Well maybe my sister clothes, shoes and properties she sees.
That’s not my concerns. My sister’s daughters are our concerns now. That’s true life story and we are working in it everyday. Help us pray for these two daughters. They are Alex, and Beauty.
Nigerian lady narrates how her late sister
Nigerian lady narrates how her late sister
Nigerian lady narrates how her late sister
Nigerian lady narrates how her late sister
Nigerian lady narrates how her late sister