King Dibbo, the son of Dr. Hajo Sani, Senior Special Assistant on Administration, to Aisha Buhari, has slammed media reports referring to his mother as merely an “aide”
Dibbo stated this on Sunday, March 28, a week after he flaunted his new Mercedes Benz.
It was reported that Dr. Hajjo served as the Minister of Women Affairs under late military dictator, General Sani Abacha.
Dr. Hajjo being sworn in as the Minister of Women Affairs by Abacha
Taking to Instagram, Dibbo declared that his mother was the youngest Minister in Africa at the age of 36.

“My mum is not an ‘aide’ carrying their phones or tissue paper up and down. She was a minister (youngest in Africa) OON and so much more. So dig up before you spread false dumb ass info!” he wrote.


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