Charly Boy’s mother, Mrs. Margaret Ntianu Oputa, nee Onumonu, recently passed away on October 8, aged 100, according to the News Agency of Nigeria.

Charly Boy premised his conclusion about his mother on the argument that only a “good witch” could have carried his pregnancy to term and nurtured him to adulthood.

Taking to Instagram account, Charlie Boy, who is also a grandfather had written:

“Person wey carry CharlyBoy for 11 months for belle.

“Person wey cook CharlyBoy for Fire for 30 years till he became a man.

“Person wey train, help and care for thousands of poor people wey no be mother Theresa.

“Person wey spiritually empower and emboldened the brand CharlyBoy na a very good witch.”

While announcing his mother’s passage last month, the convener of #OurMumuDonDo had written,

”I wish to announce the death of our mother, Mrs Margaret Ntianu Oputa which occurred on Tuesday, the 8th of October, 2019.

“My dearest Mother,

“You couldn’t just wait for me to come back before you sneaked away to the great beyond.

“Now all I have are beautiful loving Kodak memories of our times together.

“You tried for me, for us and many of the people who were privileged to encounter your kindness and your love.

Source: Punch