There have been times you passed through some little difficulties engaging yourself in what you love to do best. But when discouragement sets in , you tend to quit or plan to quit whatever good potential you had in mind, all you needed was nothing but motivation.

Motivation has been described by so many scholars , as the act of encouragement , given to someone in a discouraged period , which gingers or builds up such an individual to carry on with whatever task he or she had in mind to do or had already started.

There are people who in the society faced some hectic challenges, who were at the verge of giving up not until they saw people who gave out their time to motivate them.

We have examples of students both in primary and secondary schools who fell into the category of what is called laziness in quote. You may have your fellow colleague who reads a lot during examinations especially the types who do what is called mid-night candle. With that as a friend to that colleague, you are being motivated, triggered, and excited to join the other person in reading so as to avoid failure.

From this little illustration, that is what the power of motivation can do to an individual.

If difficulties discourages you as a person, motivation keeps you moving forward.

Sometimes it isn’t that you are lazy to do somethings , all you need at that moment is motivation.
In business you need motivation, in your career you need motivation and physically you need motivation.

Let positive motivation not the negative motivation , lead you to achieving something great in life.

By Joshua Olagundoye


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