As journalism is pivotal for the dissemination of information to the public, it seems as though many people in the society do not have proper understanding of what it entails.

The CEO of Adeoliseh and founder of Duchess Media House, Miss Deborah Mustapha has given the assertion that, some individuals in the society seem not to understand the difference between journalism and social media.

Mustapha made this known while answering questions from The Communicator online News platform on Wednesday afternoon on the topic:”Online Journalism: A Powerful Medium Of Communication”

Mustapha said, many people feel that forwarding information for others to see , is what social media entails.
She defined Online Journalism as the practice of writing, organising and publishing of news and articles for people to read.

Furthermore, Mustapha said” Most people with little knowledge or non of reporting, manipulate and tamper with information , before you know it, they call themselves journalists without knowing the code of conduct which has affected journalism today.

Deborah Mustapha made the suggestion that, social and traditional media should collaborate to monitor the contents disseminated online, as well as, monitor profiles of people with the help of social media operators.

By Joshua Olagundoye