A giant sinkhole opened up in the car park of a hospital in Naples, Italy which is 20-metre-deep and has led to the temporary closure of a COVID-19 residence in the neighbourhood.
On Friday, at dawn, a large portion of the ground in the car park of a famous hospital started breaking out, leading to the formation of a giant sinkhole.
The sinkhole is 20-metre-deep (66ft), 2,000 sq metre (21,527 sq ft) and is located in the centre of the car park.
It also led to a temporary closure of a nearby residence which was giving a roof to coronavirus patients. Nobody from the COVID-19 residence was hurt during this incident.
However, the residence faced major power cuts and water services were also interrupted. The hospital, too, lost access to electricity and water, but the backup services let the hospital continue their work.
Local authorities believe this sinkhole may have been caused by an infiltration of water underground from the recent heavy rains, as reported by local media.
As of now, the regional governor has assured people the care home will soon reopen and the services will be restored as soon as possible in the COVID-19 residence and the hospital.
An investigation in the matter has been initiated.