In the society we are in now, success they say, doesn’t come easily. There are lots of strivings you make ,lots of positive sufferings you undergo to bring out a better result for your life.
Now, achievements can be likened to a group of senior secondary school students who labour in the course of reading for a waec examination and fortunately when the result comes out, they perform very well and begin to celebrate their success.
From this little illustration , success or achievement is not brought from the market. It is only determined by your goals and thinking faculty.

Why Is It Necessary To Celebrate Your Achievements
1 You struggled for Yourself:Remember and note that not everyone who attempted to be successful in life got to the finishing line. Appreciate your development and continue to make progress with it.

2 There were Difficulties you Faced Before you became a Successful Person: In the journey of becoming a successful person , there were surely times in your life where you felt and said ” No I can’t go far in life”. Things you did not expect, came your way. But as time went on, doors started opening up for you till you got to where you are today.

Now a true life story will I share to motivate you on why you need to celebrate your achievements in life.
A brother three years ago , gave a testimony publicly in a university chapel at his final year Thanksgiving saying: ” I taught I will never pass my Utme exams. I wrote Utme fifteen times, after several hopes were lost, at the fifteenth time, God proved himself in my life, and to the glory of God, u had all distinctions in my exams”.

No matter your challenges in the past, be thankful about your achievements.

3 Appreciate people who were part of your success story: Many atimes , the mistakes some of us make is that after attaining success in what we started to do, we never remember our source of achievements .
This people need to be appreciated because in the times of difficulties, they stood by you, gave you all the needed encouragement and motivation to stair you up. Acknowledge them and progress with life.

Writter : Joshua Olagundoye
CEO of The Communicator Blog