Every weekend seems to have it’s own unique importance in the lives of every individual in the society whether male or female. The weekends are most especially the days whereby family and friends leave to celebrate each other. In other words, people term such ocassions as “The Owambe events” because lots of music, delicacies are always in place for the enjoyment of people.
For this weekend, I also know that there would have been different celebrations again for various reasons or the other in the name of the Yuletide season.
Now,aside from all these , the year 2018 has been a tremendous year for every individual still on earth. At various times this year, we’ve all had reasons to return to our maker to appreciate him for his goodness . So many people took time to call you, some gave gifts, some gave out words of encouragement,and likewise some where there to render help to us. Indeed they all deserve to be appreciated.
Today marks the last Saturday in the year and there are reasons to appreciate God for his loving kindness and to him be all the glory forevermore, Amen.