Research has made it known that fruits constitutes a general source of healthy living in the society. Fruits also helps to reduce vitamin C and Vitamin A deficiencies in the body. Fruits are important sources of many nutrients, including potassium , fiber, vitamin C and folic acid in the body.

When looking at the health benefits of eating fruits, it has been noticed that nutrients in fruits are so vital for good maintainance of the body. The potassium in fruit can seriously reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke in the body.

According to Mr IDOWU SOLOMON ADEBOLA, a dietician nutritionist, he gives his own opinion on the importance of Fruits to the body: ” Well there are good benefits of eating fruits as an individual in the society. Firstly is that, it gives the body , vitamins. The body through this, functions properly and builds up it’s immune system , thereby making one to be very energetic.

Also, what fruits does to the body is that it makes the body to be refreshed in a way that people who eat good fruits do not fall sick easily or experience any kind of disease. Also, another thing to be noted when taking fruits in a day is that , it can be taken very early in the morning which is appropriate, as far as it is less acidic for the body”

So many people in the society do eat fruits for various reasons. It could be for ceremonial activities, relaxation, or for the prevention of unwanted disease in the body.

Based on what some scholars have said, fruits do provide health benefits and are very crucial for the prevention of diseases.

According to the U. S department of Agriculture, they recommend filling half of your plate with fruits at each meal.

Moreover, fruits contain varieties of nutrients that includes vitamins, minerals and antioxides.

Therefore bare this in mind that when you keep on eating the recommended amount of fruit, there is the high proberbility of reducing the risk of chronic diseases that do occur in the body.