The 24-year-old woman, Aminu Aliyu, who allegedly killed her husband’s new wife is suspected to be the one that burnt her two stepdaughters to death in 2018.
It was reported that the newlywed, Fatima Aliyu was allegedly beaten to death with a pestle and her body set on fire by Amina in Minna, Niger state on Tuesday, March 23, seven weeks after her wedding. Amina and her three alleged accomplices have since been arrested.
Aliyu Abdullahi Dayi, the husband, who spoke to our Daily Trust, said the manner in which Amina killed his new wife suggested that she is responsible for the death of his two daughters who died in a mysterious fire incident in 2018.
While narrating what had happened, Dabi said he was not around when the incident happened but someone called him around 3 pm on Tuesday that there was fire outbreak in the house and he went to the house immediately but didn’t see any sign of fire incident outside but when he went in, he met the wife dead.
“From my observation, she was hit on different parts of her body. Unfortunately, when they tried to burn the house with her corpse, the house didn’t burn. When I discovered she was dead, we reported at the Tundun Wada police station. All accusing fingers were pointed at my wife as the prime suspect. In fact, my first wife killed her,” he said.
On why they suspected the first wife, Dabi further explained that the mystery behind the death of his two daughters, the first and second-born, on November 28, 2018, made Amina the prime suspect and he believes that she killed the innocent girls.
“I married her on 30th May, 2015, and she hasn’t been violent before. I divorced my other wife in 2016 but lost 2 of my children, Fatimah and Salamatu Aliyu, on 28th November, 2018, in a fire incident. And now that my new wife has died, I’m now suspecting her. What happened was purely a case of jealousy, and she didn’t reject the wife when I married her.”
He added that he has left the case with the police and he will allow the law to take its full course on the matter.


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