Biggie has instructed the remaining Shine Ya Eye housemates to return their pet fish after the death of Cross, Queen, and Liquorose pet fishes.

Big Brother, through Whitemoney, requested that all the housemates return their fishes.

The announcement came as a surprise to all as it happened while some of the Housemates were busy with their morning chores, some asleep while others were in the salon.

When Whitemoney made the announcement, he said that Big Brother told them to say their goodbyes and take their fish to the Store Room right away.

Pere proceeded to have little conversations with his fish while he fed it for the last time.

Meanwhile, Nini was pleading that her fish be left behind because it was not ill. Whitemoney went ahead to feed his fish as well. Angel, who has been very close to her fish, also went to drop her fish without any ceremony. reality.

Barely a week into receiving their pet fish, Cross lost his fish Targeryan. This made all the Housemates alert and more careful at looking out for their fish. Queen eventually lost hers as well and on Friday night.

On Saturday, Liquorose’s fish named kiss passed on in the early hours of the morning.

Liquorose felt bad about this and went to bed sobbing.

Emmanuel was of course by her side to comfort her.


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