Nigerian actress, Dayo Amusa has asked God to help her fight her rage and unseen battles during Ramadan.
Dayo Amusa took to her Instagram page and shared a photo of herself praying whilst rocking her hijab and begged God to help her fight unseen battles and also overcome her rage.
She also petitioned God to make her an ideal complete woman and help her survive all the test of time and also revealed interest in knowing God better and solidifying her relationship with her maker.
She Wrote;
”I tap into the grace of this Ramadan Oh Lord.All I need is strength & courage so that I can face the things to come. Help me smile all day oh lord. Help me fight my rage & unseen battles. Make me a better person in life so that I can truly survive all the test of time. Make me an ideal complete woman. Grant me the grace to know & serve you better.
Oh Lord bless me, my family, my loved ones now & always. AMEN”


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