Former President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, has said the clamour for restructuring will not solve most of Nigeria’s problems.
Jonathan stated this while speaking at the 18th Edition of Daily Trust Dialogue on restructuring in Abuja.
He explained that Nigerians should, first of all, restructure their minds against nepotism, ethnic and religious differences that have polarise the existence of the country for donkey years before thinking of fiscal restructuring.
“My conviction is that discussion on restructuring will not help except we restructure our minds because of the area they come from, the language they speak or their religious belief.
“Take a look at how local government elections are conducted at the state level. Why is it very difficult for an opposition to win a chairmanship or councillorship seat in a state, despite the fact that same party probably secured seats in the State Assembly and National Assembly elections, organised by a federal election management body.
“This shows that restructuring along may not solve all the anomalies in the system.
“I believe that restructuring for a better nation is good but there are other fundamental issues we should also address. We cannot restructure in isolation without tackling the challenges that polarise our nation. These include nepotism, ethnic and religious differences as well as lack of patriotism.
“The issues of tribe and religion have continued to limit our unity and progress, as a nation,” he said.