Cross-Dresser, Bobrisky has narrated what happened between him and an Instagram user identified as Goodluck, who he promised to help for the sake of his (Goodluck) grandmother.
The cross-dresser who was called out for allegedly not fulfilling his promise, recounted how he paid for Goodluck and his grandmother’s flight from Calabar to Lagos in an Instalive video.
Describing Goodluck as a ”terrible guy and a big-time scammer,” he also alleged that the duo smoked in a hotel he booked for them even though it was their first meeting.
Bobrisky who disclosed that he forgave them for that, said Goodluck and his Grandmother stayed in Lagos for five days, but she (grandmother) insisted on going back to Calabar to take care of her goats.
The cross-dresser noted that he took care of their flights, hotel bills, sprayed them N200k and also gave Goodluck N100k to take care of their leaking roof in Calabar.
Bobrisky accused Goodluck of not showing proof of fixing the leaking roof and now asking for N1 million he promised them. He also stated that he is not a yahoo-girl or a politician and must get value for every money he spends.


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