A female footballer who is also a feminist has refused to observe one-minute silence for the legendary footballer, Diego Maradona.
She has also revealed that following the act, she has received death threats.
The Spanish player, Paula Dapena caused a stir after deciding to stage a protest during her team’s friendly match.
Dapena, who plays for Spanish side Viajes Interrias FF decided to sit on the field and faced the opposite direction, while other players observed a minute of silence.
“My teammates looked at me and laughed, because they knew I would not do it,” she told Pontevedra Viva.
“A few days ago, on the Day for the Elimination of Gender Violence, these gestures were not made and if a minute of silence was not observed for the victims, I am not willing to do it for an abuser,”
“I said that I refused to observe the minute of silence for a rapist, paedophile and abuser and that I had to sit on the floor and turn my back.”
“To be a player you have to first be a person and have values beyond skills like those he had, which we know were spectacular football qualities and talents,” she stated.
However, Dapena’s team went on to lose 10-0 Deportiva de Abegondo, according to Marca website.
Maradona faced accusations of domestic violence after he was caught on video in 2014 arguing with his then-girlfriend and appearing to hit her.
He denied the accusations, saying: “I grabbed the phone but I swear to God that I have never hit a woman.”
No charges were brought.
Dapena said she had received lots of expressions of support “but I’ve also received death threats – and so have some of my teammates”.
“We were giving a minute’s silence to someone who committed domestic violence,” she said.
“For me, that’s something that my feminist ideals can’t allow: a tribute to Maradona.
“For me he was an incredible player, but as a person he left a lot to be desired.”