UK-based Nigerian artiste Sweetcorn, following his interview with Legit TV on his thoughts about religion and spirituality, has gotten many tongues wagging on social media.
Speaking with Abisola, Sweetcorn stated that religion has outlived it’s purpose and further claimed it has caused more harm than good.
This, of course, did not sit well with a lot of people who wasted no time dragging the “Secure The Bag” crooner.
Responding to the hate, Sweetcorn again took to social media to further make his mind known tweeting: “Anyone who asks questions or challenges the status quo is called a sinner and threatened with hell. Deputy Jesus, by what yardstick do you judge sin? Some churches tell their female member not to wear make up, jewelries or trousers else they will go to hell but others enourage it. Some say watching TV is a sin but other own tv stations”.
The rapper in his tweets also emphasize that people should focus on embracing humanity rather than the lies fed to them as religious beliefs.
See his tweets below: