Motorcycling still remain a pivotal means of livelihood for majority of the masses yet it dangers has been enormous. It dangers ranges from broken bones, spines and even death. Does this dangers overrides the advantages?
Motorcycling serves as a source of livelihood to considerable number of youth and even the elderly. It more often times than not reduce the tendency of going late for an appointment as it is flexible in time and size. It saves you from hours of traffic.The use however as now been abused. About 50% of road accident involves a motorcyclist. Though they have been time effective but this is at the detriment of making the road dangerous. They are known to overspend like it’s no man’s business. They also hoot their horns carelessly poluting the neighbourhood with unnecessary sounds.The above cited dangers are nothing compared to their reckless driving and disobedience to traffic rules. Red light means nothing to them. The rules on helmet wearing is just a child’s joke to them. They have not only knocked the elderly down, they have also broken their spines.The solution to this nightmare is the strict enforcement of the rules relating to traffic, overspeeding and helmet wearing. We do not need anymore promulgation of Laws , all we need is enforcement and strict compliance to the rules and regulations binding the use of Okada.By Awoyale OluwapelumiLaw Student from Lead City University, Ibadan.