A South African lady has warned women to not sleep with people from Twitter after her bad experience with the father of her child, whom she met on the micro-blogging site.

Taking to Twitter on Monday, January 18, Tumisangmo revealed that her son will be turning 2 soon but his father has never met him nor made any move to do so.

“My son is turning two next month…bathong his dad has never seen him,” she lamented. “Don’t have sex with people from Twitter,” she warned.

Comments by some Twitter users revealed that the guy identified as Deeop Marvin was popular on Twitter in 2018 and had fathered two other children with different women.

One Twitter user insinuated that Tumisangmo had sex with the guy because she thought he was a celebrity.

Tumisangmo, however, denied the accusation, adding that she and Deep Marvin dated for few months.

“It wasn’t a random sex. We broke up when I was 3 months pregnant. He has never met or made any means to meet the baby till today. I was just saying that he is turning 2 asa tsebe his own dad”

Despite her bad experience, Tumisangmo said she is raising her son well without the father.

“He is not the first man to do such and certainly wont be the last. We move. Its all a scar now. The wound of him not acknowledging his son healed with time and we are doing just fine.” she added.