Francis Van-Lare, who went viral after he asked married women to apply to go on vacation to Venice with him, has given an advice to young people seeking success.
He told those who are still trying to succeed to desist from carrying the financial burden of every family member, otherwise, they will never make it.
He explained that they should be selfish on the way up, then when they finally get to the top of the ladder, they can then help family.
He wrote: “I gave some young people my own advise today . When you are climbing the ladder of success be very selfish and be focused on where you are heading to .
“Do not try to carry the burden of supporting parents or siblings with you on that ladder as you will all fall off that ladder and no one will succeed .
Climb the ladder alone and when you get to the top and your foot is solidly on the ground then throw down a strong rope to pull them up to where you are standing .
“None of them will remember the days that you were selfish and you ignored them .
They will all remember that you were not selfish in sharing your success since you pulled them up to join you without them taking the hard road to get there.”


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