There was pandemonium in the Marwa axis of Lekki phase 1 on Tuesday afternoon, January, 12, as Okada (Motorcycle) riders clashed with officials of the Lagos State Environmental Task Force.

The furore started after the Taskforce officials seized the goods of some street traders around Marwa.

The Okada riders, mainly Fulani and Hausa, became incensed that they were seizing and demolishing businesses of their brothers and started protesting.

Chaos in Lekki as Okada riders and Environmental Task Force officials clash (Videos)
The Taskforce officials then seized the motorcycles belonging to the Hausa riders who then started shouting and protesting, in their native tongue.

In a matter of minutes, scores of Hausa people filled the road and started throwing stones and smashing wood on the vehicles belonging to the Taskforce officials.

The Okada riders managed to retrieve two bikes and some items that were seized by the Taskforce officials as the Taskforce officials retreated.

Policemen stationed at Maroko police station then arrived at the scene and fired gunshots into the air.

The Okada riders ran away while the Taskforce officials, now emboldened by police presence, chased and caught some of the Okada riders.