The various problems plaguing our various institutions of learning range from mismanagement , cultism and general ineptitude foisted by a general public failure. The incessant and reported killings occasioned by practices of cultism at our tertiary institutions can at best be described as disturbing.

The aftermath effects of this practice go a long way in telling the outsider how degenerated  our nation has become. In the long run, this underscores our revenue system and further heightens the need to address the well being of our tertiary institutions. All levels of authority with regards to raising our young ones should be brought on board and made to address the situation frontally. We cannot afford to fold our harms while our young ones are made to ruin themselves. Parents have the fundamental role in building the appropriate base in training their children before sending them out to various levels of learning.

      Again, teachers should rise to the occasion in ensuring that the students placed under their care are given necessary attention as regards their tutelage and well being .

By Joshua Olagundoye

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