A mother took to Twitter to share photos of herself and her daughter who looks like her sister.
The mum said she’s grateful she kept her daughter despite getting pregnant at a really young age and being stigmatised because of it.
She captioned the photos of her and her daughter: “Best decision I made was to keep her against all odds.”
At first, she didn’t indicate the girl is her daughter and Twitter users assumed they were sexual partners. Some already started calling them out.
The woman later explained that the girl is her 11-year-old daughter.
Someone pointed out that she shouldn’t have disclosed that she considered not keeping her daughter because the girl may see the tweet and feel bad.
The mum responded: “Truth is I will tell her the story of how she came about , my struggles , my fears , the thoughts I had , All the trembling moment, and I will also tell her that I’m happy that I never made those decisions, she will understand , she won’t feel bad , and she will learn from it.”