At least four people including three members of the same family have been confirmed dead after a two-storey building collapsed on Monday morning February 15th in Shoubra district in the Egyptian capital Cairo.
Local media reported that the Civil protection forces have rescued an injured six-year-old child who was trapped under the debris, adding that a lady was still missing.
Among the four who were killed, three were from one family, the state-run Al-Ahram daily said.
4 killed including three members of same family as two-storey building collapse in Cairo
The initial investigations revealed that the building accommodating three families was too old and in poor conditions.
Three other houses in the area were evacuated of inhabitants amid concern of probable collapse before police cordoned off the area, keeping back those who were looking for relatives in the building.
Egypt’s Ministry of Solidarity has ordered a formation of a compensation committee and transferring the endangered families to a governmental youth dormitory.