A drunk South African policeman has been arrested for allegedly stealing a police car.
The North West Police officer who was arrested on charges of drinking and driving and using a state car without authorization was captured in a video hitting a pole and struggling to get out of the car, seemingly because he was highly intoxicated.
He struggled to stand steady and he had a slurred speech when residents stopped him and showed him that he had crashed into someone’s yard.
The policeman who was in full police uniform at that time was seen holding a plastic bag full of what’s presumed to be booze in it. The police were called in after the incident and the policeman was arrested.
Commenting on the incident, North West police spokesman Brigadier Sabata Mokgwabone said SAPS management was appalled by unprofessional and unbecoming conduct of a police constable stationed at Wolmaransstad.
He said a case of driving under the influence of alcohol and reckless and/or negligent driving was opened for investigation, as a preliminary investigations revealed that the constable wasn’t authorised to drive a state motor vehicle.
Mokgwabone said;
“As a result, he’ll also face an additional charge of using a motor vehicle without the owner’s consent. Departmental investigation will also be instituted against the member in terms of the SAPS Discipline Regulations.”

Watch the video below;